KWWS Auction

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 (Snow date February 8)

Auction starts at 7:00pm Fixed Price Area and Auction Preview open earlier (TBD)

Our annual auction is back and is open to members and non-members this year. This is a fun program for all whether you are buying, selling or just there to watch. We hope some of you are busy cleaning out your shelves and closets. This is a great way to get rid the stash you no longer want to use and make room for some new gems that you might find at the auction. Make a little money and spend a little money!

There are 2 sections to this evening. A fixed price area and the actual auction. The fixed price area opens early for shopping in the classroom The auction takes place in the main room and can be previewed at the same time. The actual auction starts at 7 pm. This will be a long but exciting night.

This year we have an abundance of books for sale – Quilting books, needlepoint books and books on a variety of other fibre related topics. In past years we have had yarn, rovings, knitting supplies, spinning wheels, looms for sale in both the fixed price area and the auction.

For those of you selling, the commission from guild members is 15% and 25% from non-members.

For non-members – please contact us for more information on how to enter your weaving or spinning goods into the auction.


  • Items can be sold individually or in groups.
  • Minimum price for an item or grouping is $1. The price limit for the fixed price area is $25.
  • All prices should be in even dollars.
  • Single cones of yarns may be priced for the fixed price area.


Some tips for preparing things for auction:

  • Each item or bag should be tagged with your seller code, item #,and minimum bid if you have one (use masking tape or write directly on the bag with permanent marker). This information should agree with the catalogue sheet.
  • Put yarns in clear bags so people can see what they contain, leave an end hanging out so people can touch and feel, include fibre content if you know it, give the approximate weight in LB or KG.

Please do not price individual cones. It takes too long to auction. Here are some suggestions:

  • bag like colours together to give people an idea for a project
  • bag similar yarn together

Stay tuned for more updates as our auction date approaches!